APS Power Analysis Solutions


Assessing electrical environments in a facility requires monitoring equipment. This is non-invasive equipment that can be set up at the service entrance, or throughout the facility at the load centers. Simple Fluke meters will not capture the electrical events which disrupt your loads. A monitoring device must be placed on the line over a period of time to capture nominal voltage, sags, surges, and events that would wear on your equipment.



Once monitoring is complete the system is returned to APS and our analytics team provides a conversion of the data into a form that is useful to you. Below are examples of some real-life events recorded at a customer site.


Power Factor Correction Benefits

A Voltage Correction System with Power Factor Correction built in will provide an incredible amount of benefits to your facility beyond satisfying the Utility Provider requirements. While correcting power factor with an AVC you can also stabilize your power internally to your facility and create many additional benefits along the way.

Have an APS site survey done to survey your facility and install a power metering device.

When you install equipment that will correct power and hold voltage within your facility, you will be providing your facility with protection against all outside influences of power. Halting wear and tear on other equipment in the facility by having stable voltage and power factor is the goal. The long-term positives are lowered operations and maintenance costs by limiting voltage and amperage anomalies inside the facility. It is common to vet these issues by installing a monitoring device at the service entrance of the facility's utility power. This is a low-cost method to really understand these issues and to make a proper diagnosis.

We are available to review electrical one-lines, Power Reports, Demand Usage, and any other data on your facility's power.

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