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Circuit Breaker Services

Creating Safer Homes with Reliable Circuit Breaker Services

Our circuit breaker service technicians abide by the strictest industry standards and comply with all local and state codes. Each of them is highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle whatever circuit breaker service you need.

Why It's Important to Update Your Old Circuit Breaker

Replacing or repairing old circuit breakers are vital to ensuring your home's safety and reliability—especially if you have high data needs. Electrical problems are the third-leading cause of structure fires, and many of those problems stem from an overloaded circuit breaker. Updated circuit breakers help prevent power surges, power interruptions, broken connections, and minimize the risk of fire.

It's important to remember that circuit breakers in old homes were not designed to allow dozens of devices to be connected and using power at once—but that's the reality of life today. If you find yourself unplugging some devices so you can plug in others, it's time to consider updating your circuit breaker.

With an old circuit breaker, all your smartphones, computers, and appliances are vulnerable to power surges that could cost you thousands in damage. Even if you avoid a power surge, an interruption in power or Internet connection could end up causing data loss or other technological headaches.


America's On-Time Electrician

What sets APS apart from other electricians is our commitment to leaving your home safer than it was when we arrived. We're professional troubleshooters and problem-solvers; if we find hazards in your home electrical system, we'll make sure it gets repaired (or at least brought to your attention). That means when we leave, you can trust that your electrical system is fully safe, reliable, and ready for heavy usage.

Our technicians are all background-checked, friendly, and courteous. Each of them is highly skilled and experienced, equipping them to explain electrical problems in terms anyone can understand. And each of them is committed to respecting your home and your time.