Low Voltage Harmonic Filtering Equipment – Automatic

Low Voltage Harmonic Filtering Equipment – Automatic

Harmonic problems are becoming prevalent because more equipment producing harmonics is being applied to power systems. The need for continuous control of certain industrial processes has led to an increase in electronic equipment and motor drives, which produce high harmonics.

Poor voltage waveforms, due to harmonics or transients can lead to unnecessary and costly disruptions in production and equipment failure. APS Elite Series harmonic filters help industrial plants avoid these problems with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

APS Elite Series low voltage power factor correction and harmonic suppression systems accommodate 240vac to 600vac requirements. Metal-enclosed capacitor equipment is available in fixed or switched arrangements along with iron-core reactors. APS Elite Series has decades of experience in preventing the occurrence of non-sinusoidal resonance. Successful integration in tuned L-C networks solves the problem of parallel resonance.

The most reliable solution to harmonics problems is the installation of a APS Elite Series Harmonic Filter Bank. APS Elite Series harmonic filters consist of capacitors connected in series with a reactor. The system’s capacitors produce reactive power at the filter’s fundamental frequency and the circuit is designed to achieve the required power factor correction. APS Elite Series engineers determine the inductance of the reactor, typically below the 5th harmonic, so that a high proportion of harmonics enters the filter. Banks can be tuned to other frequencies depending upon project requirements.

APS Elite Series Harmonic Filters operate in a manner similar to APS Elite Series Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Banks. When the microprocessor-based controller senses the need for additional reactive power, stages of 50kvar (tuned below the 5th harmonic) are activated as required.

APS Elite Series Low Voltage Automatic Filter Banks are designed for the improvement of power factor as well as harmonic voltage and current attenuation, IEEE 519 compliance, reduced system capacity, and improved voltage regulation. They are typically installed on or near the service entrance to automatically correct the total plant load.

Safe, Compact Design: Enclosures are fully-welded (not bolted) NEMA 1, 3R, or 4X units of galvanized steel or stainless steel construction that allow integration into indoor, outdoor or unusual physical settings. The compact overall dimensions, top or bottom cable entry access, and lifting eyes permit efficient handling and installation. A small footprint saves valuable space. The standard finish is ANSI Gray. Other colors are available upon request.

Capacitors: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed low-loss (0.5 Watts per kVAR) capacitors are used. Capacitors are equipped with discharge resistors to drain residual voltage within one minute of de-energizing. The dielectric is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Includes built-in pressure interrupter protecting capacitor from case rupture. A five-year warranty is available on individual capacitor cells.

Controls: A programmable s electronic VAR controller is used that indicates the reactive load and provides a digital display of the facility’s power factor. The microprocessor-based device provides accurate and reliable measurements and is programmable for up to 12 steps. The controller automatically s to any capacitor step value, indicates and eliminates defective capacitor steps, and provides a visual display of the harmonic overload alarm. Indicating lights show the number of steps that have been energized.