APS Power Factor Correction

APS Tailored systems and solutions for utilities, industry and infrastructure

  • Low voltage motors ranging from 0.75 kW to 750 kW @ 230 Volt to 690 Volt
  • Medium voltage motors ranging from 100 kW to 38,000 kW @ 1000 Volt to 13,800 Volt
  • Low voltage drives ranging from fractional to 1,100 kW @ 230 Volt to 690 Volt
  • Medium voltage drives ranging from 300 kW to 8,000 kW @ 2,400 Volt to 6,900 Volt

Power Factor Correction Example:

A Factory is paying $1,700 dollars a month to the local utility for power factor penalties. That is over $20,000 dollars per year. The solution costs this facility $21,000 for a one time fix!
Would you be interested in saving $19,000 every year you run this plant? Improving power factor is the easiest and fastest way to save energy dollars. We have the solution that will enable your facility to do this without sacrificing downtime and tying up lots of money.
Our product will usually pay for itself in less than one year!


Power Factor

  • Eliminates hidden charges from utility company
  • Creates efficient power usage
  • Environmentally friendly as less apparent power is consumed
  • One panel corrects bad power factor for an entire plant
  • Monitoring
  • Fixed & switched connections
  • Automatic & manual operation
  • Network PC based (& stand alone relay system)
  • Single motor, system switching,
  • System synchronous correction
  • Power switching
  • 100% payback built systems
  • typical within 9 months


 Power Measurement

  • Increased Power Efficiency
  • Load shedding (soft limits)
  • Programmable switch points
  • Auto sequencers
  • Loading to predefined set points
  • Totalizing (time, kw, kvar)
  • Real Time Control
  • More consistent & responsive performance
  • Faster smoother machine response to operator control
  • Low Cost
  • Program runs on Windows® OS
  • Network capability
  • All product built to UL Standard
  • Real Time Tracking
Power Management

Increases the efficiency of your plant through automated switching and sequencing, as well as load limits and simplified control.


Water and wastewater

High & low service pumps


Sludge pumps




Other industries served

Oil & gas

Food & beverage

Mining & minerals