Power Factor Correction -- Body Shops & Auto Collision Centers

APS Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks for your Body Shops and Auto Collision Centers

We have thousands of customers who are in this niche market that we've helped dramatically reduce their power bill, saved them thousands of dollars by protecting their equipment from surges and lightning strike damage, reduced the carbon footprint, and extended the life of all their motors pulling power. 


Things we can help: 

  • paint booths 
  • welders 
  • lifts 
  • ac units 
  • fans
  • doors 

Single phase:

We have saved our average single-phase customer 24.823 percent every month on their electric bill and some see 33%-44% depending on the customer and operations and facility. 


We have saved our average 3-phase customer 27.823 percent every month on their electric bill and some see 31%-39% depending on the customer, operations and facility. 

Call your APS (Alabama Power Solutions) Technical Representative today to discuss options to increase efficiency in your facility and correct our facility power issues! 205-615-4440


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