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Electrical Repair Services in Birmingham & Surrounding Areas

Are you experiencing an electrical mishap in your home? At APS®, we’re aware just how important it is to have reliable electricity for our modern, everyday lives, and just how stressful it is when sparks fly or you smell something burning unexpectedly. Nobody wants that in their own home.

But don’t worry. We’re uniquely qualified to help you fix it quickly and safely and leave your home safer than we found it. Whether it’s a mild problem or something more dangerous, no electrical repair is out of the hands of our capable electricians. We’ll work by your side to determine what needs to be done to fix your electrical woes with the appropriate solutions so you can go back to your everyday life.


Need electrical repair services in Birmingham or the surrounding areas? Give us a call or text us (205)-615-4440 now for a quick reply!

Our Expert Electricians in Birmingham Are Available 24/7

An electrical emergency just doesn’t respect business hours, and nobody knows that more than we do at APS® of Birmingham. That’s why we answer our phone lines 24/7 and dispatch electricians to our residential customers morning, noon, and night.

Play it safe. While sometimes the signs of an electrical crisis are obvious, we urge you to get in touch with us at the first sign of electrical problems like smoke, burn spots, or lost power. Don’t take that tempting online crash course in electrical work and do a DIY job – it could come back to haunt you later, as we’ve heard innumerable times from well-meaning amateur electricians who only created nightmares for themselves further down the road.

Electrical Repair Services We Offer

Our team has seen and handled just about any electrical crisis you can think of from our years of servicing homeowners in the local Birmingham area. From installations to repairs or troubleshooting, our team can fix just about any electrical issue there is to restore your peace of mind and for others who live under your same roof.

We’re ready to put our knowledge to good use and work on the following tasks for you:

  • Critical electrical problems
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Breakers and electrical panels
  • Switches and outlets

The Difference Between Electrical Repairs & Emergencies

If sparks are flying everywhere, it’s pretty clear you have a crisis on your hands. Plumes of smoke from the circuit breaker? Ditto. But if you have a more subtle issue, you should still call for repairs, but it may not be an emergency. Unsure? Simply give us a call, let us know what’s going on, and we can let you know if it’s a sign of an emergency or if it can wait for a future appointment.

Signs of an imminent electrical crisis include:

  • Burning smells
  • Flickering lights
  • Breakers making loud noises
  • Smoke plumes coming from outlets
  • Shocks from switches
  • Discolored outlets

Don’t delay calling us if you notice these signs of an imminent threat.

Straightforward Pricing & Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer upfront quotes. Outstanding service. And absolutely zero bs. When you work with APS® of Birmingham, you can expect more than the bullroar you may have come to expect from the typical home services provider who has tried to pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we’ll come back to make it right. We also promise to arrive on time or your electrical repairs are free. What’s better than that?


See Our Electrical Repair Service Reviews

We could brag and boast about ourselves until we’re blue in the face – but we don’t have to, let’s let our customers do the talking for us. Take a look at our numerous 5 star reviews, with adjectives that refer to our team members as professional, courteous, knowledgeable, personable, polite, honest, punctual…and that’s just a few! We’re eager to show you what makes us stand out among other electrician companies in the area, so give us a call or schedule your appointment online and we’ll be right with you to find a solution to your electrical problem fast.


Play It Safe & Choose APS of Alabama.