Birmingham Whole Home Generators

Keep Your Home Powered with Generator Installation Service

You truly never know when the power might go out in the Birmingham, AL area. Lightning, high wind, ice, and equipment failure are all common causes of home electrical failure. You could be stuck in the dark unexpectedly at any point! Not only that, but your food could spoil, you could be unable to shower and you could be unable to charge essential cell phones and laptops.

Bridge the gap of power outages with professional home generator service from APS.

Professional Suite of Home Generator Services

Whether you have a generator or want one, we’ll help you out!

  • Portable Generator – A portable generator is a lower-cost alternative to whole-home generators. They are small, convenient, and of course, portable.
  • Generator Maintenance – You’re ahead of the game if you’re thinking about maintenance for your generator! Regular maintenance will ensure you never get caught unawares in a power outage.
  • Whole Home Generator Installation – The main advantage of a whole home generator is that you will never be without power, whereas there is some downtime setting up a portable generator. This is particularly important for people reliant on medical equipment, babies who need their bottles warmed, or any other urgent need. In addition to necessities, it is incredibly convenient for everyone.

All of our services are designed to keep your home running when your regular electricity is not available. We are here to keep you safe in addition to our professional workmanship.


Choose APS to Eliminate Power Outage Worries

You can always count on APS to live up to our name, trusted nationwide and across the Birmingham, AL area. With true 24/7 service, friendly staff, straightforward pricing, and fully-stocked trucks, we have proven ourselves as the professional choice.

Don’t let powers outside of your control take over If there is a generator service you need professional assistance with, don’t hesitate to call us today at (205) 615-4440!