Media Room Lighting

Media Room Lighting

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Media room lighting helps you create a great ambiance so that you and your guests can enjoy an immersive and entertaining experience. Ambient lighting is typically always the best choice for media rooms. Lamp lighting or suspended lights always reflect on a TV screen—throwing shadows on a projection screen or interrupting projected images. For that reason, we recommend keeping your media room lighting scheme as low-profile and integrated with the room’s design as possible.

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Types of Media Room Lighting

A popular lighting fixture in media rooms is sconces. Sconces are great because they provide just enough light for you and your friends to move around your media room safely without the light reflecting on your TV. There are sconces designed especially for media rooms that range in style and price. Our electricians can add a dimming function so that you can adjust the lighting as you need.

Track or recessed lighting is also common in media rooms. Like sconce lighting, track lights or ceiling lights provide ambient light without overpowering or disturbing the TV image. Floor lighting is also typical in media rooms and movie theaters as a safety feature to allow guests to see where they’re walking. Secondary benefit? Track lighting provides an atmospheric, cinema-style experience.

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