Voltage Correction Solutions

Voltage Correction Solutions


Direct Benefits to Active Voltage Correction

  • Reduce DOWNTIME
  • Reduce/ Eliminate voltage/amperage fluctuation events by wearing all computer components
  • Reduce/ Eliminate voltage/amperage fluctuation events by wearing all drives, PLCs, and control equipment.
  • Lower Maintenance and replacement parts cost
  • Constant Voltage Environment for all facility equipment
  • Ability to monitor and understand load dynamics and incoming power

Why Do I need Voltage Correction?

Most facilities these days experience a host of power anomalies throughout the year. In many cases, the manufacturing process is knocked offline due to voltage interruption. What most do not understand is that it is usually sag and not a full outage scenario.

Protect Your Facility Load with APS Voltage Correction Device.

It is important to analyze the power prior to choosing a corrective method. Most customer events could be a single-phase sag event or a multi-phase sag event which can easily be corrected with an AVC Active Voltage Correction System. For these reasons, it is imperative to measure and analyze the loads in the facility, as well as the power to determine the best course of action. APS (Alabama Power Solutions) Rep can assist you through that process. Please contact us for a discussion on your facility.


Where do I install Voltage Correction?

A system may be sized to pick up an entire facility, a specific process line, or down to an individual piece of equipment. An APS Facility Power Study and possible monitoring will be done to specifically pick up the issues in the plant. The equipment is located near the equipment it is supported. Switchgear distribution sections that support the facility are usually the location to tie in systems to pick up areas of the plant. Systems may also be located outside. Our national team of installation professionals can provide a turn-key installation proposal that reflects delivery, installation, and electrical interconnection.


Have an APS site survey done to survey your facility and install a power metering device.

When you install equipment that will correct power and hold voltage within your facility, you will be providing your facility with protection against all outside influences of power. Halting wear and tear on other equipment in the facility by having stable voltage and power factors is the goal. The long-term positives are lowered operations and maintenance costs by limiting voltage and amperage anomalies inside the facility. It is common to vet these issues by installing a monitoring device at the service entrance of the facility's utility power. This is a low-cost method to really understand these issues and to make a proper diagnosis.


We are available to review electrical one-lines, Power Reports, Demand Usage, and any other data on your facility's power.

Call your APS Technical Representative today to discuss options to increase efficiency in your facility and correct our facility power issues!